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Legacy Planning

Did you know that over 55% of Americans die without an estate/legacy plan? 

What exactly is legacy planning and why do you need it? Legacy planning involves the preparation and planning of the future, as well as having people, contracts, and procedures in place to protect your legacy. Legacy planning is important because it provides security for you, your loved ones, and your most prized possessions.

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Probate & Estate Administration

If you don't have a trust in place, and you die with a Will, you will need to go through the court in a process known as probate.


If you die without a Will, and have assets in your estate that will need to be passed down or administered, you will need to file for an estate administration which is also a court proceeding. 

Although both processes can be long and drawn out, we want to ensure it is as seamless as stress free as possible, so that your loved ones assets can be administered as quickly as possible. 

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Asset protection is important, and hiring an experienced firm to help execute the transaction is recommended. However, sometimes, you or your business, may just need an attorney to consult who can provide guidance without the need for representation. 

*Please note that nothing stated herein creates an attorney client relationship with our firm.

An attorney client relationship is established with our firm by signing a formal engagement letter or some other affirmative agreement.

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