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Can I leave my 401(k) to my minor children when I die?

Although you are technically allowed to name a minor child as the beneficiary of your 401(k), IRA, or other employment-sponsored retirement account, it’s not necessarily a good idea. Minor children cannot inherit the account until they reach the age of majority (the age a child legally becomes an adult)—which can be as old as 21 in some states. If a minor is listed as the beneficiary, upon your death your retirement account would be distributed to a court-appointed custodian, who will be in charge of managing the funds (usually for a fee) until they reach the age of majority. If you want your child to inherit your retirement account, you should set up a trust to receive those assets instead. You can then name a trustee to manage the account until your child comes of age. By doing so, you get to choose not only who would manage your child’s money, but within the trust’s terms, you can stipulate how and when the account’s funds should be distributed and used, which can help funds from being lost or squandered.

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